Phillip Karlsen Revanche

The Rogue Trader



Name: Phillip Karlsen Revanche Homeworld: Battlefleet Birthright: Vaunted Motivation: Prestige
Rank: (1) Lure of the Void: New Horizons (Archeotechnologist) Trial: High Vendetta

Skin Colour: Pale Hair Colour: White Eye Colour: Blue
Age: 40 Experience: 450/500 XP Career: Rogue Trader

Start Advance Final
Weapon Skill: 35 (10) +0 35
Ballistics Skill: 30 (5) +0 30
Strength: 30 (5) +0 30
Toughness: 40 (15) -0 40
Agility: 25 +3 28
Intelligence: 45 (20) +3 48
Perception: 40 (15) -5 35
Willpower: 40 (15) +5 45
Fellowship: 40 (15) +3 43

Wounds: 11
Fate Points: 3
Insanity Points: 0
Corruption Points: 5
Prestige: 0/0


Officer on Deck (+5 to command tests on spacsships)
Voidborn Ancestry (Gain Void Accustomed, choose Navigation (Stellar) or Pilot (Spacecraft) as starting skills
Shipbound fighter (-2 to initiative, double BS penalties for longrange fire when not in confined space)
Brook No Insult (Roll Willpower test to avoid violently responding to insults)


Speak Language (Battlefleet War Cant, High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy)
Navigation (Stellar)
Common Lore (Imperial Navy, Imperium) (Int)

Die Hard
Peer (Imperial Guard)
Air of Authority
Pistol Weapon Training
Melee Weapon Training
Renowned Warrant

Plasma Pistol
Power Sword
Void Suit
Fine Clothing
Xeno-pelt cloak
Best Craftsmanship Enforcer Light Carapace


Almanac Astrae Divinitus

New Horizons (Archeotechnologist)
Renowned Warrant


He was the son and heir to admirals in the battlefleet. Let other traders talk about their noble dynasties. The Karlsen name was no less prestigious, no less renowned. They had served the empire for millennia; if family legend was to be believed, as far back as the Horus Heresy. Growing up in the fleet, the son of Admiral Magnus Karlsen, he was trained for command. His father hoped that someday he too would be an admiral; command a fleet of his own.

His father was to be disappointed. For while Phillip loved space; was more at home on the deck of a ship than on the ground, he sought adventure; to see what was out there, and to become famous on his own merits. Not for him the life of routine patrols and pacification of rebels and xenos. Not when there was a whole universe to explore. So, he acquired an Imperial Warrant. How he got it is still a mystery. His name helped, no doubt of that, and no doubt some money changed hands and favors were exchanged. At any rate, the warrant was his. His father was sad to see him go, but, if truth be told, not too sad. He had other sons, more biddable sons who would be glad to carry on the family dynasty. So, Phillip set out, to explore strange new worlds and loot them for everything they had, to discover new life and new civilizations and wipe them out for the glory of the Empire, and to boldly go wherever he could make some Thrones.

Phillip Karlsen Revanche

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