Augustine Trasker

The ship's helmsman


Name: Augustine Trasker

Home World: Footfallen
Birthright: Scavenger
Lure of the Void: Criminal
Trials and Travails: Press-Ganged
Motivation: Fortune
Lineage: A Proud Tradition – Heir Apparent 100xp

Career: Void Master
Rank: 1

Experience: 500/500

Lineage (100xp)
Simple Ag (100xp)
Awareness (100xp)
Dodge (100xp)
Literacy (100xp)

WS 30 (25 + 5 (PB))
BS 40 (25 + 20 (PB) – 5 (HW))
S 30 (25 + 5 (PB))
T 40 (25 + 20 (PB) – 5 (HW))
Ag 53 (25 + 15 (PB) + 5 (HW) + 3 (BR) + 5 (Simple Advance))
Int 35 (25 + 10 (PB))
Per 35 (25 + 10 (PB))
WP 40 (25 + 15 (PB))
Fel 30 (25 + 5 (HW))

Wounds: 11
Fate: 5

Corruption: 3
Insanity: 2

Awareness (Per)
Common Lore (Imperial Navy, War, Koronus Expanse+10) (Int)
Dodge (Ag)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) (Int)
Literacy (Int)
Navigation (Stellar) (Int)
Pilot (Space Craft+10, Fliers) (Ag)
Psyniscience (WP)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int)
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)

Enemy (Imperial Navy)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Nerves of Steel
Peer (Underworld, Workers)
Pistol Training (Universal)
Resistance (Fear)
Rival (Inquisition)
Talented (Pilot (Space Craft))

Street Knowledge (-5 to all scholastic lore tests not related to the Koronus Expanse)
Jealous Freedom (Must pass WP or react violently to imprisonment)
Master of Space (Reroll failed pilot tests)

Common-Craftsmanship Power Sword
(Melee 1d10+5E Pen5 Power Field, Balanced)
Common-Craftsmanship Bolt Pistol
(Pistol 30m S/2/- 1d10+5X Pen4 Clp8 RldFull Tearing)
Guard Flak Armor (4 All)
Void suit
Blessed ship token
Beggar’s cloak
2 bottles of amasec
Almanac Astrae Divinitus (Acquisition)
(+10 bonus to all Pilot, Navigation, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy), and Trade (Astrographer) tests


Far from the heart of the Imperium, at the very brim of that which the Empire of Man calls their own, lies Troika: a space station with a reputation as black as the void. Considered to be a haven for outlaws and cold traders, the finer castes of the Imperium are seldom seen among its broken causeways and and shady boroughs. Although Troika is undoubtably of ill-repute it still serves a vital function to the forces of man. It is one of the last fueling ports available before making way into the unknown Expanse, and the only bastion available to escape from pirates and marauders for light years in any direction.

Troika itself is not particularly defensible, but what lies within offers protection enough. When danger approaches the station disgorges thousands of ships. Like the warriors of an irate hornets nest, the Troikan Civil Defense Fleet emerges to seek and destroy. The fleet is no proper naval enterprise but a collection of bravos and fighter-jocks itching to eliminate their enemies, loot their wrecked husks, and collect a commission for every ship they scuttled. Many pilots in the TCDF come from a long line of proud fighters and captains, as is the case with Augustine Trasker.

Scoundrel, fixer, and sometimes even pirate, Augustine has been called many things, but his favorite title is helmsman. Since he could reach the flight system the man has been a gifted void-fairer. While he is comfortable behind the controls of any craft, Augustine’s abilities truly shine at the tiller of a great star ship. His graceful loops and unprecedented maneuvers are hopeless to attempt to follow, making him harder to trace than a ghost in the void and more difficult to shake than your own shadow. Trasker was content with his life, taking whatever jobs came his way, enjoying any pleasure available, and only hoping to see his next batch of thrones. However, fate is fickle, and the Empire had other need for him.

For years the Imperium had been hunting the pirates of the Expanse, attempting to rid themselves of any opposition to their manifest destiny. The Imperial fleet underestimated their enemy though and after a disastrous ambush the last remaining ship in the fleet, the Sword frigate Sovereign Justice, limped back to Troika with a dozen renegades in tow. To protect themselves the Troikan Civil Defense Fleet engaged the pirates with a vicious counter-assault. Both sides suffered heavy loses, but the pirates eventually broke to flee, signaling yet another Troikan victory. The joy would not last though. Sovereign Justice, desperate to replenish their diminished ranks, set upon the station and conscripted every able-bodied citizen into service. Augustine was among the levies taken, forced to fly beneath the Imperial yoke.

He served for several years and saw almost every corner of the Koronus Expanse, fighting when he had to, chauffeuring when he was required to, but never submitting to his fate. All he needed to wait for was the right moment to flee. The Empire of Man being a war-loving people, Trasker’s opportunity eventually came. Sovereign Justice, sailing in the shadow of the Grand-Cruiser His Indomitable Will, set itself against a massive Ork fleet. Augustine was at the helm of a minute raider, not to be trusted with one of the Imperiums massive warships. Although his abilities were nearly without peer, easily capable of evading the clumsy ork assaults, Trasker forced his ship into carefully calculated dangers. Knowing full well that his ship would take damage, he engaged in a death defying danced with the ork mob. His raider sent four massive metal hulks burning into the abyss before it was crippled by damage to the plasma core (a location Trasker had intentionally made available to the enemy). Fearing a catastrophic detonation, the captain ordered a full evacuation of the ship. In the ensuing chaos, Augustine stole a small personal transport and disappeared, using the ongoing battle to mask his escape.

The prodigal son returned to Troika, immediately sold his stolen craft, and left again that very same day to make a new life as a free citizen. Now Augustine survives by his wits, a deserter that he hopes is assumed dead by his former goalers. He seeks high adventure where ever he can find it, taking any job, the bigger the better.

Augustine Trasker

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