Alessandra Dominica d'Aragon


LURE OF THE VOID Chosen By Destiny
CAREER Navigator
AGE 25

WS 30 Int 40
BS 40 Per 42
S 25 WP 40
T 40 Fel 33
Ag 35 Wounds 13
Ins. 9 Crpt. 1
P.F. 30 Fate 4

TRAITS Boons of Lineage (Renegade House)
-The Fruits of Corrupted Blood (Lidless Stare, Tracks, Tides)
-Unchecked Mutation
Unnatural Agility
Dark Sight
The Eye is Open

MUTATIONS Eyes as Dark as the Void
Disturbing Grace

SKILLS Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int)
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)
Secret Tongue (Military) (Int)
Common Lore (Navis Nobilite) (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Navigators) (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Warp) (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) (Int)
Literacy (Int)
Navigation (Stellar) (Int)
Navigation (Warp) (Int)
Psyniscience (Per)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int)
Awareness (Per)
Trade (Astrographer) (Ag)
Secret Tongue (Int)

TALENT Weapon Training (Pistol – Universal)
(Melee – Primitive)
Peer (Astronomican)
Peer (Nobility)
Peer (Government)

POWERS The Lidless Stare
A Cloud in the Warp
Tides of Time and Space

GEAR Best-craftsmanship hellpistol
1d10+4 E; S/2/-; 35m; Pen 7; Clp 40; 2Full Rld; Reliable
Best-craftsmanship metal staff
1d10+1 I; Pen 0; +10 WS To Attack
Best-craftsmanship xeno-mesh armour
Arms, Body, Legs; AP 4
Good-Craftsmanship Navis Prima
Emperor’s Tarot Deck
Silk Headscarf
Nobilite robes

XP MWT (Primitive) 200
Awareness 100
Trade (Astrographer) 100
Secret Tongue (Navigator) 100


If there is one good thing to be said about Alessandra D’Aragon, it’s that she doesn’t think she’s better than you just because she’s a Navigator. She believes that everyone has their own role to play in the Imperium. After all, a Navigator alone cannot move a ship, or to make a ship in the first place. No, Alessandra D’Aragon does not believe she’s inherently superior because of her third eye. She just thinks she’s inherently superior because she’s Alessandra D’Aragon and everybody else isn’t.

It’s hardly surprising that she turned out so insufferably smug. Of all her siblings, only Alessandra wasn’t an horrifying affront to the eyes, and she was gifted with the purest sight of the Warp—to her vision, a vast river network bordered by a dense, crystalline jungle. She grew up not merely a child of a vastly wealthy house (albeit one with a certain amount of unfavorable reputation), but as its favored scion, her every accomplishment met with applause. She moved in the highest circles of society—more on prestige than on personal charisma—and rare was the pleasure that was denied to her.

But while the Navis Nobilite are wealthy, that wealth is built upon the hard work of its members, and Alessandra was soon assigned as the reserve navigator aboard an Imperial transport, ensuring that the Emperor’s warriors got where they needed to be. It was an easy position, if somewhat dull, a perfect stepping stone to a greater career. That lasted up until the Geller field suffered a temporary failure while the Emperor’s Benediction was still in the warp.

As a Navigator, she was well protected, quickly rushed back to her saferoom, but that did not spare her from the sight of guardsmen being cut down by beings of unnatural grace, their strangely alluring visages burned into her memory. The Geller field recovered, and the demons were defeated at considerable cost, but the damage had been done. The main Navigator, or house Bachstein had been killed, and Alessandra took over his duties. As soon as they recieved news of the voyage, her family removed Alessandra from the ship, sending her to a new posting, a Rogue Trader’s vessel of the Revanche dynasty.

Along the way to her new position, she met up with an ex-Mechanicus facilitator by the name of Janus, freshly kicked off of his homeworld, though apparently the techpriests had not been quite so blunt as to do it directly. The man had an obvious way with words and numbers, reading people just as easily as she read the warp. Knowing that such a man would be useful to have around, she directed Janus towards the same Rogue Trader she would be navigating for. Prestige, wealth, excitemente… Alessandra was finally in her element, in a way she never had been before.

Alessandra Dominica d'Aragon

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